snakedaemon vs pencil recreations


`Another to clear the challenge backlog ..loved the Avengers especially Mrs Peel ..Any way here we go again`


  • pencil recreations Mar 23

    Ha ha I do not believe it ..we are beginning to think alike Snake (think you are still better)….Oh so wonderful this is a first time we have crushed the same drawing ref.cannot believe it...fantastic they are so similar ...maybe I am starting to rub of on you and getting a little more talent, can only hope... ..Don't care how this goes. give the voters something to thing about...(Just mine is a little bit darker and not so polished ) ..And so close on our last finished challenge...congrats 4 that one......Nev.

    snakedaemon May 12

    Sorry I've been away a fare while now and just noticed all these new posts comments etc, from 1 artist to another man you nailed this image

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