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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2020-03-20


This English gentleman secret agent of the Tv show The avengers. played opposite Mrs Peel ...Patrick mcnee played john Steed with Diana Rigg ...mmm...come on surely you remember all the reruns...

Challenge: snakedaemon VS pencil recreations


  • dnprostudio Mar 24

    nice work

    pencil recreations Mar 26

    Hi Dn ,thank you yet once again..I drew this for the gentleman challenge and was blown away when the other artist selected the same ref as me .It's neck and neck....loved the avengers english tv show.and we both captured him almost Identically ..Again thank you nev

  • WoodyWelch Apr 8

    Beautiful likeness.....excellent job.

    pencil recreations Apr 9

    Thanks woody appreciated as always ..I used him in the challenger section and would you believe the challenger used the same ref..check it out and decide how can you almost beat yourself..mine came out a little darker...

  • deathlouis Mar 20

    You really do get facial features done greatly, the tones and details really make it, you definitely have an amazing talent and I always look forward to your work!! Again the eyes really say alot, amazing work!!

    pencil recreations Mar 22

    Again Thankyou!!!!

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