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I was born on March 5, 2002. I started drawing by the age of two, but I was already ahead of regular toddlers. In kindergarten my teacher has told me I was really great at coloring coloring books because I didn't go out of the lines. By 3rd I wanted to be a teacher, but something changed my choice of career. And in 5th grade I decided I wanted to be a cop. Over these years I haven't really been focusing on art, but then this year, 7th grade, I realized art isn't always a hobby. When I saw Shaira's and Jappy Chan's art when i was scrolling through Google+, I thought that I can be great like them too. So I started to draw. And with the help of my friends on Google, I became who I am now. I'm 13 years old, but that doesn't mean i can't achieve great things! Even though my art may be good, I'm still going to keep practicing and trying out new styles every time I create a new one. Anyway, welcome to my profile and I hope you like my art! :3

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