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Hi! I'm Clarissa. My fursona is Scarlett Wolf. I have been a freelance artist for 3 years, and I am currently a full time college student looking to get a BBA. I have a wonderful significant other that is also part of the fandom, JaceTheThylacine. My art is mainly traditional, done on paper with copic markers, and occasionally watercolor and colored pencil. However, now that I have gotten a cintiq I have been drawing quite a bit of digital art as well. I have a novel in the works, and I am working on creating my first fursuit and other new merchandise such as: plushies, buttons, pins, stickers, sculptures, art dolls, and more! Commissions are always open! Go ahead, send me a note ;3! My Website w/ Commission Prices: Like my work? Want to leave a tip? (Thank you so much!) Buy me a ko-fi! Want to support me more? Look no further than my patreon! I have plenty of fun rewards over there (feel free to leave suggestions as well!) My Patreon: My deviantart: My furaffinity: My tumblr: My Furry Amino: Scarlett Wolf/ My YouTube: My Instagram: My Twitter: My Google+:

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