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very new to digital art and art in general got a new phone and purchased Autodesk SketchBook Pro on a whim at the beginning of this month May 2016 Well that's not a super easy question to answer but I guess what I'm looking for out of this community is to be mused and abused I am looking for inspiration and criticism I can turn into progress I started in a different community one whose name that mean to believe they would mesh well with my idiosyncratic nature they were very large and have a lot of resources however they lacked on communication I felt like they shunned beginners non-artist Noobs maybe it was just me maybe it was them maybe it was Steve who knows nevertheless I'm here A little about me huh where do I start oh that's funny Hustler format okay good idea well Well I like bad jokes genuinely good people and short peers" they make me feel like a big man " I dislike people who tell bad jokes and hypocrites serious about hypocrites Favorite quote "My greatest strength is knowledge of my many weaknesses my greatest fault is willingness to accept them" halfshame 2015

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