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Yang Xaio Long

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2023-07-30


Just doing some fan art of Yang from the RWBY web series


  • Grimmgall Nov 12

    This is glorious! Wonderful job! ♥

    NoraKimi Nov 12

    Hey thanks, I appreciate the comment!

  • pencil recreations Sep 4

    And I add Very nicely done

    NoraKimi Sep 29

    Thank you pencil!

  • kinzaainterior5 Aug 28


    NoraKimi Aug 28

    Thanks lol!

  • ZiggysSweets Aug 20

    I haven't watched the series in so long, ever since they left YouTube. So the arm is better?

    NoraKimi Aug 28

    Nah she still has the metal arm. I just felt like drawing the Volume 1-3 version

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