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A Little Michigan Parker Love

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2022-08-03


recently my mom and i took a trip up to mackinaw city very much enjoyed it and felt like i needed it sadly i wish i could have stayed there. anyway while i was up there took some really cool photos i intended to use for another project finishing a harry potter film with toys i started all the way back when i was in 10th grade 2011 when i came up with this idea. i did a drawing similar to this back in 2018 one of my favorites but looking at this hot dam have i come far. my characters as of recent have been undergoing design change mainly changing there body shape can kinda be seen here. so with this project he have the Parkers siblings here perhaps there family took a trip up to mackinaw living not to far from it on the norther west side of lower Michigan. i tired to make it feel as thought they where at McGulpin Point the bridge in the background was made to look at little closer then it really was and you can even see a tiny little grand hotel in the distances. i feel i should take a break but nope now on to what i had originally planned to work on another comic well enjoy summer 2022


  • Dreamy Robin 4 Aug 2022

    I love the skies and the characters. Yes, painting our favorite memories is a great hobby.

    Doodle-For-Adventure 4 Aug 2022

    thanks i indeed put a lot of years of memories into this one.

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