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Cottonwood wizard

By trent
Type: craft Uploaded: 2022-05-29


Not really feeling this one, but at least he's finished.


  • Nick Snook 3 Jul 2022

    WOW! you sculpture are consistently stunning! Do you use a Dremel tool?

    trent 6 Jul 2022

    Thank you, yes I use Dremel type machines

  • ShadowArtFinds 12 Jun 2022

    Very nice!

    trent 16 Jun 2022

    Thank you

    ShadowArtFinds 16 Jun 2022

    Your welcome!

  • Polychromika 6 Jun 2022

    That is so neat, you do a very good job on these.

    trent 8 Jun 2022

    Thank you

    Polychromika 8 Jun 2022

    Wood carving is so neat. And your most welcome!

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