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Tiny One Giant Snowflakes Dung-Bea

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2022-02-27


for several years now ive been wanting to dish out a new winter themed drawing with Dung-Bea and her it is. what i was going for was i wanted sinces she a tiny 2 inch human i wanted to make it look like she was watching the snow fall in this case giant snowflakes. i don't know do they look good i tried to make them work i guess well enjoy 2022


  • digitalartwork 28 Dec 2022

    A very sweet, loveable, cute Work of Art that has depth, warmth and an excellent character in this little baby girl. Your composition is truly one to admire and remember!!

    Doodle-For-Adventure 28 Dec 2022

    Aww thanks i trie and put a lot of passion into my characters.

  • Max 27 Feb 2022


    Doodle-For-Adventure 27 Feb 2022

    Thanks this was fun to make.

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