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George Floyd - Total Drama Style

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2021-05-25


Today is May 25th for the First Anniversary Tribute to man named George Floyd was Murdered and being arrested by a Minneapolis police officer, Derick Chauvin in about 9 minutes By Saying "I Can't Breathe, "Mama", and "please"." and many people in the world have felt shocking and sad to see George Floyd Die by Derick Chauvin with using his knee on the neck. It was cruel and devastating. the Protest was started on may 26 during the COVID-19 Pandemic was began to cause by Police brutality, Lack of police accountability, Inequality and racism before a some major mass Chaos, Riots, Destruction have spread all across the United States and other Countries. several Movements like the Black Lives Matter involved for the Death of George Floyd including his family are began to support everyone by helping each other out to make demands for change. I feel very worried for everyone who are involved with the protest back in 2020 that just I remember when I was at DeviantArt for doing a U.D.R.S Press Conference about the reaction, Including my Total Drama Oc's are part of the reaction, we don't know how long will the Violence ends until now that everyone believe that Derick Chauvin was founded Guilty in charge of 1 count of second-degree unintentional murder, 1 count of third-degree murder, 1 count of second-degree manslaughter the Trial and sentence him to 40 Years in Prison. That makes the Black Lives Matter was watching the Derick Chauvin Trial have finally Celebrated to see Chauvin guilty that makes a great victory for the Black Lives Matter and George Floyd's Family. Since I Made a Total Drama Style of George Floyd with a Halo on top of him to represent him after he died, Our Hearts to Everyone who supports the Black Lives matter will always saying his name. Justice For George Floyd, Black Lives Matters. Total Drama Artwork made by Hyperion-Blue-GT As part of a Tribute to George Floyd.


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