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Summer of Adventure Mark and Leela

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2021-04-13


September 2020 It was about the Summer of 2003 both Mark and Leela had just finished 2nd Grade Mark had surprised Leela by coming for a visit spending the Summer staying with his Grandma. this was what they called the Summer of Adventure and it truly was one they would not forget. when coming up with the concept for the Summer of Adventure i thought of those summer kids films like the sandlot. i wanted to have Mark and Leela go on a grand adventure one that they kept to them selves and never shared the story with anyone else about what they say on there journey. big step for the Adventure club this was just one of there stops getting some ice cream on Main Street. the brown building in the back in Leelas moms flower shop. well enjoy more of this version of Mark and Leela will come in the future. 2020


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