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Madelyns Attic Bed Room

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2021-03-29


this is Madelyn's official bedroom or well part of it. i'am really not in a good mood right now to want to draw the rest. so what dose this sketch have to offer well it retains the look and feel of what her basement room had. the beds been scrapped for a window bed. i deiced to make her love pandas so she got a panda digital display clock. she loves video games as you can see her playing a dc in the trunk is where she keeps gaming stuff i add a n64 banana yellow controller hanging out. some of the stickers on it are a n64 logo a burger she loves those, the hot pink star design seen on her clothing and a tongue sticking out faces. she got Christmas lights hanging from the rafters a marquee sign of her name similar Mason and Leela have lights of there names. one thing i love is i added a Banjo Kazooie strategy guide next to the plush bear. all in all i say this is a cozy room well enjoy 2019 After two years I’ve finally got around to finishing this project summer 2019 I stared Madelyn attic bedroom. Never finished it due to things that happened that week anyway here’s the other half. Sinces her room is in the attic she has a sky light which picks up the afternoon sun her room is full of posters she loves classic rock or rock music of any kind. so I figured what kind of stuff she would listen stuff like 50’s stuff till now. The one poster you see is jimi Hendrix’s the other is just some musician I created. She has a poster with her karate dojo logo on it she helped design it her uniform can be see laying over her chair. She has her two trophy she won at two state karate Tournament and an award which can be see above her bathroom doors for getting the highest score on every machine at the local arcade nobody has yet topped her scores. On her tv I decided to depict what looked like she was playing Banjo Kazooie it’s the pause screen with rusty bucket bay in the background. She has both a Nintendo 64 belongs to the family a GameCube and a Nintendo switch. Plus you can see a donkey Kong 64 and super Mario 64 cartridge and the box and players guide for super Mario sunshine all great games. Other little details like her skateboard her burger backpack pictures can all be seen even some art drawn by my buddy of her can be seen well enjoy 2021

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