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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2021-01-29


Ayano Aishi, also known as Yandere-chan, is the main protagonist of the unfinished video game Yandere Simulator. She is a high school girl who is hopelessly obsessed with her classmate Taro Yamada, who she refers to as her "Senpai", and wants to win his affections by violently removing all of her competition...Hmm!!! did not know this and had not heard of the Video game ...Just a little first time experience with this style of character and a bit of fun ...

Challenge: snakedaemon VS pencil recreations


  • Hyperion-Blue-GT Feb 9

    Fantastic! :D

    pencil recreations Feb 21

    thanks to this type of its a first in the style...appreciate the comment you have a clever style ....

  • Nitya Jan 30


    pencil recreations Feb 2

    glad you liked her yeah first time try and this style of art so great to have your nod of approval...its amazing how one drawing is just that and another catches the eye...

  • trevorp Jan 29

    Not something I would have expected from you Nev.... very different to your normal works but alas it turned out very well. Good luck with your challenge with Snake and hope that you can pull off a win against him. Cheers mate - best wishes from Big Trev.

    pencil recreations Feb 2

    Yeah right about the win against one of the best .Good luck for me with that....I just pulled a challenge that had been there quite a while on a sublect had not heard clear it and will do it again soon.. pain to chase the snake he has made so many challenges but it is what it is ..and good practice...Have been quiet lately ..had problems with my scanner and computer a microsoft upgrade which changed my system from micro 7to 10 stuffing up my programme to scan to the computer ..fixed it with a older computer ...anyways great to know you are still out there and catching up with you is always great...cheers back to you BIG Trev and later we will see ..yeah all the very best...

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