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Ford Mustang '15 My First Stage Livery The Crew 2

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2021-01-12


I have to make my different livery design, same thing like in Gran Turismo Sport but it's different. i have to make something for my Ford Mustang to create the iNSport Tech First Stage Variant will be the rookie U.D.R.S Driver of MotorNation, Ubisoft Decals are included to create but aftermarket logos will be required to take some brainstorming as a replica without the use of the decal uploader. so it's time to go old school like Forza Motorsport in a vinyl group to get settle in. making patterns shapes, sponsor decals, Franchise, anime Characters, Companies, icons, and more. I'll have to do this in 2D Mode on the Livery Editor in the Crew 2, if there any Gran Turismo Related Variants in the game especially Fast and Furious icons as well. Livery Design Made By Hyperion-Blue-GT U.D.R.S (United Defensive Reformation Service) © Mine The Crew 2 © Ubisoft, Ivory Tower

Challenge: Hyperion-Blue-GT VS Dreamy Robin


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