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Toyota GR Yaris 1st Edition RZ U.D.R.S iNSport Tec

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2021-01-09


"The GR Yaris RZ makes a modern sport hatchback as a U.D.R.S iNSport Tech Livery design to Race on land and dirt." The Toyota GR Yaris RZ "1st Edition arrives on Gran Turismo Sport in November 13 for a update along with the Special Time Trial Event at Sardegna - Windmills and The Livery and Photo Competition. Hyperion-Blue-GT Takes the Challenge to feel the potential of the Sport Hatchback car that can master the Dirt Course according to Toyota Gazoo Racing for building a 1st Edition suitable for the FIA World Rally Championship. After his YouTube Video, He get Down to make a new Livery Variant labeled title as U.D.R.S iNSport tech to race for One-Make Race, Rally with only one Gr.B Could Take a Challenge to test the skills on the dirt for rallying. suitable livery design like The GR Supra RZ 2019, 2020 Version, And the TS050 Hybrid. This Livery Design was Part of iNSport Tech Made by Hyperion-Blue-GT, The Gazoo Racing Variant will be added to be part of the Photo Competition Until December 13 when the event ends. Livery Design Made By Hyperion-Blue-GT U.D.R.S (United Defensive Reformation Service) © Mine GRAN TURISMO (Series), Gran Turismo SPORT © Polyphony Digital/Sony Interactive Entertainment


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