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U.D.R.S Logo

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2021-01-01


The United Defensive Reformation Service (U.D.R.S) is a Independent Collation was Established in 2013 Formed By Operative Hyperion-Blue-GT, His Total Drama Oc, Legendary Leader Leunites "DUB" Everstrung, and his Family to Create as a PMC Unity group to defend the Innocent from harm. As they are the private group in the Future, they must do it alone as a team to keep helping and supporting Everyone and even on social media in the internet by giving half of chance to keep the peace to make amends with people for Reconcile in safe clear way and fight off against unknown dark threats to face them head on. as the Faction Goes on with entertainment Motorsports is the best way to have a fictional aftermarket brand called iNSport Tech. a Racing Team that becomes a Competitive group will take part in any race events. Date Established 2013 - Present Type Personal Government/Military Operation, Peacekeeping, Heroic Fraction, Private Internet Police, Loyalty, Cyber-chat intervention, Problem Solving, Main group of the Unity Alliance Active Yes Motto "We United as one."


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