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The red line

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2020-06-16


You might want to stay away from that area of black and white.


  • pencil recreations Jun 18

    yep "gotta" draw the line somewhere ….Hmmm !!different perspective ..

    DuskandDawn5 Jun 21

    So true! I'm curious about your perspective on's alright if you don't want to say it.

  • pencil recreations Jun 25

    I looked at this and seen a corner, dark and hiding ,what was just around it shrouded in mystery inviting curiosity to approach and peek and in the white, a feeling of infinity going on eternally and white noise ringing in my ears as I look, white light trapped in a timeless void, nothing but what the imagination can conjure up is there.. and a bar stopping passage to investigate further and keeping eyes on this side of the screen. also coulda been the new design for a flag or a magazine called Exclusions ..yeah if you think about it the more you look the more the imagination conjures up thoughts perspective is what gives a 3d effect to a flat drawing ...Hope that satisfied your curiosity.. all art is in the eye and imagination of the beholder and no two answers will ever b the same ...great catching up with you again later ok...

    DuskandDawn5 Jun 30

    That is last part is a true statement! Talk to you later

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