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Drawing progress (Lucy)

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2019-10-20


Before I met Lucy I never tried drawing people, maybe years ago but never really could, my style never really fit a person, but ever since I met Lucy she's all I've ever wanted to draw. 5 years ago I drew the first one, I still remember showing her for the first time. Lucy is important to me, I do care about her, I haven't spoken to her for awhile now, it still eats away at me. I know she doesn't care, she's got him to talk to, play games with, it hurts still, I'll soon kill myself, she'll never care. Lucy you'll always talk to dax, he means more to you than I ever have and you'll never understand how much that hurts.

Challenge: deathlouis VS HargorSPdate


  • dnprostudio 23 Oct 2019

    nice step for the drawing

  • Kurohana 22 Oct 2019

    You’re doing a great work there! It feels deep and the lines are passionate. Keep it up that’s amazing

    deathlouis 24 Oct 2019

    Aww thank you so much, I really appreciate your words, I'm glad you can see the feeling that went into it, I'll carry on drawing for as long as I can, thank you again for your kind words!

  • bennijssen 20 Oct 2019

    She seem s spunky, you really captured that in her portrait, good work!

    deathlouis 21 Oct 2019

    That really means alot, she definitely is an amazing and beautiful person, I truly appreciate your words, thank you very much!

  • trevorp 20 Oct 2019

    Sounds as if you had a wonderful opportunity to meet someone very special who inspired you to want to draw people. Seek inspiration from every thing in life that you experience - whether it be people / animals or nature. Look for things that are bizarre or even surreal to inspire you. It will be great for your artwork and enable yourself to grow and develop as an artist. Look inward and not always outward. Trust yourself and your instincts - as this will then ultimately help to make you become a much more rounded person and an even greater artist :-)

    deathlouis 20 Oct 2019

    I truly appreciate the time you put into your comment, thank you ever so much for your kind words and your words are inspirational and motivational, thank you, it really does mean alot and I'll definitely listen, I'll carry on drawing for as long as I can! =)

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