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Human Leela

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2018-07-17


so this was a project idea i had what would Leela look like it she were real and not a cartoon of course i already showed that awhile in a drawing of her and Mason but this time i deiced to go digital and draw her. quite the challenge but never the less iam proud of myself once again as always i never cease to amaze myself. so now how was it all done well i started with the faces and let me say that iam glad i put more work into this fixing the ear redoing the braces and even the glasses this is meant to look real so i had to make each part look more real verses how i would normally draw these things. i did not use any references for the most part just one for the shading of the nose and a little bit for the lips her hair is the same style i did for the fireworks drawing now doing the hair was fun I stared by doing it the way i always do it then i took a specific brush created the streak this is were it gets fun i then used the smudge tool and just dragged it thats how it looks the way it dose. now this is Leela at age 10 so she would have been in the 5th grade here she wearing her red dress with the polka dots on it i believe i only drew this dress once before i also based this off of a sketch i did of her awhile back the back ground is a fountain well enjoy 2018


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