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Type: digital art Uploaded: 2017-09-11


So this is Dung-Bea she a tiny little wild child that lives out in the Chippewa Falls woods out near Mark and Leelas treehouse shes raises her self there are no parents. she loves the filth and usually never cleans up natures her home and she will fight progression to keep it that way. she also has a big heart willing to help anyone I may do more with this little cutie seeing as I love drawing her well enjoy 2017


  • josh 13 Sep 2017

    I commented before about the black background. I realize now that it was transparent. That makes more sense. You should never upload transparent images here.

    Doodle-For-Adventure 14 Sep 2017

    Duly noted

  • Anonymous 13 Sep 2017

    I'm not a fan of the black void for a background because you're trying to show underfoot shadows. I also do not think the big ears and muscular body do the character justice. Is she meant to be adorable or just sad? It is unclear what I'm supposed to feel for this character.

    Doodle-For-Adventure 14 Sep 2017

    Dung-Bea is suppose to be a tiny little wide child her pose and movement style is suppose to Mach that of Tarzan. she walk like an gorilla would the big ears are just how I draw ears on my character and yes she is suppose to be adorable:)

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