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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2017-07-24


The color portrait is done in rough pastels. The black and white figure was done on another sheet of paper with charcoal pencils. I cut the figure out and pasted onto the board with the colored image for a special effect. I've done this before and it's kinda neat.


  • bennijssen 8 Sep 2017

    Beautifully done!

    WoodyWelch 8 Sep 2017

    Why thank you!!

  • 28 Jul 2017

    Love this ! So amazing to see a traditional piece this good.

    WoodyWelch 28 Jul 2017

    Why thank you...I appreciate that :)

  • pencil recreations 26 Jul 2017

    Hi Woody..I have been away for awhile and you still remain as so perfect as always ..yes stunning effect and composition...the balance of color, shading and pencil is so cool and so well rock my friend and your art is so optically perfect...yep the figure shading is awesome..

  • Anonymous 24 Jul 2017

    nice work

    WoodyWelch 24 Jul 2017

    THANKS!!! :)

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