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Self Portrait

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2017-04-16


Self Portrait mostly from life with a backlight and a fill light from below. Kind of an odd lighting set up, I don't know how successful it was.


  • didier1961 16 Apr 2017

    well done........... :---)

  • zardamita 23 Apr 2017

    Well done!

  • Khobe 21 Apr 2017

    This is beautiful, I guess digital painting. Very well done, love your style.

  • xhuart 16 Apr 2017

    The colored light source gives off a unique lighting to your portrait! Is this digital paiting or oil painting? Either way, looks awesome!

    Josephcow 16 Apr 2017

    It's a digital painting. Thanks a lot!

  • Anonymous 16 Apr 2017

    Really good job!

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