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  • didier1961 7 Mar 2017

    geat work.............. ;---)

    allart 7 Mar 2017

    thankyou!!! :)

  • pencil recreations 9 Mar 2017

    You are going well ..I admire your skill in the shading of the color struggling a bit as have just started trying this medium.. Pencil is my usual tool....

    allart 11 Mar 2017

    thankyou so much! i really appreciated it. yeah sometimes i confuse with the color, this medium a bit difficult for me actualy!

  • Anonymous 6 Mar 2017

    Awesome shading!!

    allart 6 Mar 2017

    thankyou!! :)

  • Anonymous 6 Mar 2017

    At this time, it looks cool. Very well

    allart 6 Mar 2017

    thankyou!! :)

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