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Just The Girl I like

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2017-02-09


When I showed her this she got mad and stopped talking to me

Challenge: bogdy_28_095 VS caratulion


  • Divea Lapis 10 Feb 2017

    Nice, but I think nose is too wide... Eyes seem to be different size too. I like brows and hair though :D

    bogdy_28_095 10 Feb 2017

    I see where you are aiming at . I'll try to correct the mistakes on my future projects . Thanks, I really apreciate it <3

  • Anonymous 9 Feb 2017

    I love it! Great shading! If she reacted like that then she just doesn't appreciate great art then. Good luck and don't give up because one person stuck their nose up to it! :P

    bogdy_28_095 9 Feb 2017

    thank you very much . I appreciate it . I will follow that advice

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