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2016 Happy Autumn From Mason and Leela

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2016-09-11


so autumns here once again man time seems to be going by fast this year I swear I just drew a mass loud of autumn sketches. well anyway this is my first autumn themed sketch of the season and I must say I like it it was a difficult concept to come up with but I deiced to go with a pumpkin patch look and I think it turned out great. there outfits are also new and as you can tell I tried drawing Leelas headband a little different can you tell it actually looks like its placed on her head right well enjoy autumn 2016


  • Anonymous 11 Sep 2016


    Doodle-For-Adventure 11 Sep 2016

    Aww thanks I had a lot of fun making it:)

  • Anonymous 11 Sep 2016

    It's... cute.

    Doodle-For-Adventure 11 Sep 2016

    Aww thanks I love the way it turned out:)

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