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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2016-05-21


Pastel, lets see if it works!


  • Khobe 22 May 2016

    Well that is what I call adventurous exploration, hope you have a map and a destination. Sometimes it pays to go out on a limb to make discoveries you can't make otherwise.

    Oscarlira 23 May 2016

    Hi! Khobe, yes actually i have a mental map on hand, i only hope my hand May follow my map as i though, i really dont know until i do it, i never have done this and i really eager to see if it works or not, as for Now Im not affraid to fail, even if i do, something good will come from it. Thanks for the supporting words

  • ScarlettWolf24 19 Aug 2016

    Interesting choice of colors!

    Oscarlira 24 Nov 2016

    Thanks a lot scarlett

  • Anonymous 21 May 2016

    The painting making us think. :D

    Oscarlira 21 May 2016

    Thats the meaning why i didnt say what it would be, will be revelating later. At least i hope so that, i havent tried this before ;)

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