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Sketch of woman

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2016-05-15


Sketch made in sepia charcoal, done meanwhile waiting


  • Khobe 16 May 2016

    Oscar you are getting more artistic by the day. This is a great start, gentleness goes further and deeper than force in everything. Don't forget to loose and contrast a little more strongly some edges when you can but I see you're already getting this so take it as encouragements to explore this direction.

    Oscarlira 20 May 2016

    Khobe, Thanks very much for these comments, at first it was not my intention to shading but i was in this situation, new sepia charcoal, new sketchbook and me waiting, everything comes naturally then i decide to explore more what my sepia charcoal May do, and i was still waiting, so i decided to shade, thats why i wouldnot no Numbered this work as i thought myself "this is not what i was asked to do" but Im glad you liked it, for some reason i was satisfied with this sketch, which not ocurrs very often. Appreciate your feedback and hope you are Now better.

  • Anonymous 15 May 2016

    Beautiful work as always

    Oscarlira 20 May 2016

    Thanks very much annonymous

  • Anonymous 15 May 2016

    Really stunning:)

    Oscarlira 20 May 2016

    Thanks annonymous

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