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Exercise coloring

By Iwo
Type: digital art Uploaded: 2016-05-12


- The idea of the drawing is not mine -


  • Porcelainhooded 12 May 2016

    really cool ! I love it :D

    Iwo 12 May 2016

    Thank you soooo much! Tahnl you so mac

  • StephanieDamianov 13 Apr 2018

    I like it <3

  • lewman 23 May 2016

    Are you done with this drawing? it is fine if you are as what you have done is excellent. nice color and shading clean lines and i really like the overall style, it has a slight dreamworks feel to it. the lack of legs however is rather distracting haha.

  • Mythology1 12 May 2016

    You have a distinctive style that's very appealing.

    Iwo 12 May 2016


  • Anonymous 12 May 2016

    I love the shading and your style. :D

    Iwo 12 May 2016

    Thank you!

  • Anonymous 12 May 2016


    Iwo 12 May 2016

    What does it mean?

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