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Skull Kid

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2015-11-19


Something I wanted to draw out of my own style. Skull Kid is my favorite character out of all the Majora's Mask characters. When the game first came out, when I was 11, I was thrilled! I also collect a couple of those Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask guide books. Now, there's a 3D of Majora's Mask! SWEET! As a young girl, I felt sorry for Skull Kid because of his background story, before he had the Majora's Mask, got me straight into the feels. I just want to hug him! What bothers me is that most artist draw the Skull Kid with the Majora's Mask on. And I'm all, "Oh, come on! Can you draw him without the freakin' mask on?" He looks way adorable than the ones from the Ocarina of Time because he has a beak instead of lips. We never saw him with his mouth open throughout the game, so I wanted to draw his mouth opened. I thought it looked great. I'm pretty humble about my drawings because after all, I am my OWN worst critic. Obviously I do NOT own the Skull Kid, Tatl and Tael.


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