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War is Hell

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-11-16


Photo by Horst Faas, 18 june 1965 in Vietnam war The soldier was probably Larry Wayne Chaffin. He died 1985 from the exposure of Agent Orange, he got infected with while serving in Vietnam.


  • BlueSpiritWolf6 27 Dec 2016

    Nice :)

  • trevorp 17 Nov 2015

    This drawing is a touching tribute to a soldier - in more ways than one :-)

  • Jankovic 9 Mar 2016

    Photo could have been a bit higher quality, otherwise sick drawing.

  • Aerotrack 18 Dec 2015

    forever remembered

  • Khobe 22 Nov 2015

    Remember all wars are banksters' wars, I'm not the one who said it but a WWII american general, honest veterans, political and economic analysts ... The hidden and hidious crime really gets me for all these lives lost and wasted.

  • Khobe 17 Nov 2015

    Beautiful, is this in memoriam?

  • Nathan 17 Nov 2015


  • Sumzart 3 Jan 2016

    So much detail! The eyes are drawn very well! Looks like good effort was put into it!

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