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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-10-23


Still the feelings build up, not being able to let go and though i'm probably making it worse by thinking about her, but its hard not to, i mean how can you accept a person not being in your life anymore when that person means the world to you, drawing is my life and she has impacted that, shes become apart of my everyday feelings, thoughts and motivations, i can't ever express enough to how much she means to me, every memory, moment, chat, time spent with and around her have been some of the best moments in my life, i miss her and i know i'll never be able to talk to her again, shes close yet so far away, i was thinking about sending her flowers soon, but i just don't feel she appreciates anything i do, i sent her stuff and i even sent her a couple of drawings, i don't even know if she actually got them, but the fact she didn't even say anything says she either doesn't care or didn't get them, i love her with all my heart and soul and i just don't know how to go on without her there, to talk to her, even if its just for a day, to talk to her just like i used to, she's honestly been in my dreams all the time ever since she stopped talking to me, i don't know if anyone else knows this feeling, but when you dream about a certain person and wake up to them not being there, your heart just rushes and you try and its just a horrible feeling of not being able to talk to that one person, i really love her so much!!! i'd do anything for her, i'd do everything just to get her back, shes the most beautifulest, wonderfulest, sweetest, loveliest, unique, down to earth, gorgeous and honestly the most perfectest person in the world, i'd love to spend the rest of my life with her, thats why it hurts me so much that my feelings only seem to strengthen and never seem to fade, i've even had thoughts of marrying her, i can't see a life i want to live with her not there, i'd spend the rest of my life hugging her, keeping her close and to kiss and say all the great things about her to her, if you ever see this lucy, i love you more than anything in the universe, you'll always be my world, my everything! fabulucy <3

Challenge: deathlouis VS Pennywise69


  • hubert perron 28 Jun 2016

    excellent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KG 27 Oct 2015

    Nice description. Beautiful woman.

  • ScarlettWolf24 16 Sep 2016

    Amazing job! This is really gorgeous!

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