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Riposo sul prato

By anibas
Type: painting Uploaded: 2015-08-23


dipinto ad olio su tela - 30x30


  • Jan Spicka 30 Sep 2015

    good riposo

  • Aerotrack 23 Dec 2015

    nice composition ;з

  • BlueOvertoneEagle 30 Sep 2015

    Reminds me that autumn has come :-) Really nice colours.

  • ScarlettWolf24 2 Mar 2016

    The sky and trees are very well done, however I feel as if the painting is a bit too dark, and could use more highlights.The girl's position looks slightly awkward, from the ruffles in the dress, but there is a lot of good details and shadowing. Great job!

  • Starminer7z7 29 Dec 2015

    I know they are on a flat screen but at certain areas it feels very flat, lacking in depth, other than that it could be the Mona Lisa for all I care

  • faxstaff 23 Aug 2015

    splendido.. bellissima atmosfera..

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