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Type: painting Uploaded: 2014-09-20


"Illuminate" by Carissa Rose Watercolors, markers, white acrylic paint, and fountain pens on bristol board paper. Prints available on etsy: WIP pics and more on facebook:


  • lovelyguentah 19 Aug 2015

    wow omg just wow! Amazing!

  • rengaderacer154 27 Jul 2015

    Wow thats pretty cool =3

  • SarembaArt 24 Jul 2015

    Nice colors!

  • ScarlettWolf24 1 Jul 2015

    Beautiful! I love the details and paint splatters. Only thing I'd say is the corners of the eyes are a bit to stretched but it's a beautiful piece.

  • Tomas 30 Jun 2015

    nice one! 5 stars! ;)

  • CassandraLee2591 21 Sep 2014

    wow amazing!

  • Kana Go 20 Sep 2014

    Oh, I love the pattern!

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