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2015 Building a Sandcastle Mason and Leela

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2015-07-19


This is a drawing of Mason and Leela building a sandcastle at the beach up north near there cabin. it was a nice sunny day and Rosie took them to the beach note this is located down the street from there cabin so there at Lake Superior I guess its been awhile since Ive been up there. as you can see here they really think they done a great job and I say so to. there both wearing bathing suites Leelas wearing a sun hat well enjoy more in this up north project to come 2015


  • maubro 27 May 2016

    Good drawing, ive seen other drawings from your gallery with this characters and is like a story of their lives together.

    Doodle-For-Adventure 27 May 2016

    Thanks a lot of my ideas for them come from my own child hood just a bit:D

  • UnfadingDreams 19 Aug 2015

    Very cute little characters ;) keep going!

  • alsteens 15 Aug 2015

    Amazing~ Love it :)

  • Kebiwoni 28 Jul 2015

    It looks nice! Did you paint the background. or is it a photo?

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