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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-07-13


I have a friend whose husband is a photographer. One day he posted this photo of her on Facebook, and I saved it, drew it, and sent it to her as a surprise. She had been a fan of my work in a mutual Facebook group, and she was really pleased to get this. It's the only artwork I have ever let go of.


  • Marcelo Luna 13 Jul 2015


  • Jan Spicka 13 Jul 2015

    well, she must have been happy, with the quality she got:)

  • fastleppard 13 Jul 2015

    Ultra nice portrait !

  • Giorgia Haran 14 Jul 2015

    I love it!

  • guru_abhi 13 Jul 2015

    everything is so perfect about this

  • flamingarrow3 13 Jul 2015

    I really like this! The hair is wonderfully drawn. You really captured this women's expression too.

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