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I Hate Clowns

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2015-07-10


Just a weird abstract I did. Come with a really bad poem I wrote. The Prankster By eddie It sneeks At your mind It Creeps To your Kind It smiles At your Innocent It tempts To Your tender It laughs at At your courage It Plots To your wonder It deceives At your certainty It bribes To Your affection It is Clown At your hate I Hate Clowns

Challenge: Eddieblz VS Vonnitr


  • blvckink 10 Jul 2015

    nice work eddie :D love the eyes!

  • Hill's Beverly Creative 22 Feb 2017

    Oh what could be better than disturbed clowns ? This one is plotting something horrible. His evel mind is popping like fireworks. He lives in a carnival world ! I like like !

  • Eddieblz 12 Jul 2015

    Thanks so much.

  • Eddieblz 10 Jul 2015


  • RedKnightmares 10 Jul 2015

    It's gorgeous, but terrifying

  • czmanga 10 Jul 2015

    Creepy ! JHAICKSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!

  • snakedaemon 10 Jul 2015

    I love this

  • Redtreatjas 10 Jul 2015

    nice work grandpa :D XD you nailed it

  • Betka 24 Mar 2016

    I love the poem ;D. Looks like my teacher lol creep

  • crispinhgables 17 Oct 2015


  • Lledoo 14 Oct 2015

    Looks like a mess (in a good way) of thought in the mind about clown. Its very good! I also dislike clown.

  • EKA 31 Jul 2015

    ththththat smile... nightmares - here i come!

  • Fnafmarrionettisbest 30 Jul 2015

    so do i

  • Jeanpooh 20 Jul 2015

    Are minds me of Stephrn Speelburgs move IT scary as

  • JERRICK JONES 15 Jul 2015

    cool like it

  • BERLIAN 12 Jul 2015

    I don't like clown but not hate. This is great, like your idea & poem ( but maybe you shouldn't make person on the right >_< )

  • WaffleQueen 11 Jul 2015

    Omg awesome

  • Charissae 11 Jul 2015

    Wow! It's really cool! It's hauntingly beautiful.

  • mac 10 Jul 2015

    Not a big fan of them either, Creepy fuckers man!!!! Good work!!!

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