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Challenge: Crystal Jones VS Ragingkittie


  • blvckink 8 Jul 2015

    great photo, i love the contrast of the two colours :D

  • Doodle-For-Adventure 16 Nov 2015

    Really amazing:)

  • Anonymous 14 Sep 2015

    Wow so cute and puffy!

  • JMCARTSNCRAFTS 14 Jul 2015

    What a beautiful photo. Do you know what kind of duck this is? May I use this as a reference photo?

  • Apricotflyer 9 Jul 2015

    This is great photo that you have captured. The colours are bright and clean and overall the photo is just really appealing to look at. c:

  • Anonymous 8 Jul 2015

    The water is beautiful

  • Anonymous 8 Jul 2015

    Good Photo! The Duck looks almost surrealistic between the very blue water. The colours are very intense. i like it :)

  • KATENORTH 8 Jul 2015

    So Cute! Great Photo

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