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2014 Mark and Leela Hunted House

Type: digital art Uploaded: 2015-07-07


My laptop fan is being really annoying at the moment and is really pissing me off I think it need to be fixed so that why these are a little late. this is a drawing of Mark and Leela in a hunted house which was part of the big halloween bash their elementary school thorough. I like the way this one turned out the background was really difficult to come up with and I really didnt work from any pictures to create it which is nice I guess well enjoy halloween 2014


  • RaihanZainal 20 Jul 2015

    Cool Work

  • Anonymous 5 Sep 2015

    Interesting work :P

  • Briver 4 Aug 2015

    It's cartoony, but has a great amount of detail. Nice job.

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