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ride road

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-06-24


When I was a kid and I was traveling by bus I liked to stand by and watch the driver doing his work. I admired all the gadgets, pictures, strange pendants and key rings which were in his environment. But most of all I liked to watch the world through the windshield I did not know where I was going and was not interested in that. I was fascinated by the very fact of movement. I gave in this way, and I was like in a trance. The road became infinitely long thread screwed onto the big spool just beyond the horizon .... I decided to bring back my memory of this traveling by bus on this drawing. I invite you to ride the bus with the driver Zenek - The 70th!


  • Tomas 10 Jul 2015

    Nice idea! ;)

  • BlueSpiritWolf6 10 Jan 2017

    Nice :D

  • Don Art 14 Apr 2017


  • ScarlettWolf24 4 Sep 2016

    Awesome job! I love how much shading there is and how many details are in this!The idea of a road unraveling and twisting as a spool is so cool. It is so unique how you combined your imagination with reality of your memories. Absolutely wonderful job! This could be a museum masterpiece!

  • Anonymous 22 Dec 2016

    nice drawing <3

  • KG 8 Sep 2015

    Incredible details on the vehicle; good perception on the over all image as well as solid lines.

  • Anonymous 8 Sep 2015

    interesting idea)

  • PetraCries 19 Jul 2015

    Awesome idea, I love this work! But I think it needs more contrast. Just my opinion :)

  • Spideecartoon 24 Jun 2015


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