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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-06-22


my attempt at drawing Leonardo DiCaprio. not perfect I know


  • HenningBlom 21 Mar 2016

    Good job on this portrait! Just need practise :)

  • Photobones 27 Jun 2015

    As anonymous suggested, DiCaprio wouldn't have been my first guess, though I do see the resemblance now. You've drawn him the way they portray him, as a grown adult. Somehow, no matter how old he gets, I can't ever see him seriously trying to portray a real, live adult. His portrayal of Howard Hughes was risible, at best. Not his fault, but the casting director should jump out of the Spruce Goose. There is something of a spoiled brat teenager that will dominate Leonardo's personality even on his 90th birthday. That might not have been too flattering, but for a really scathing rebuke, just ask me what I think of Nicholas Cage! AAAARRRRRGGGHH!!!! (Please don't)

  • Anonymous 22 Jun 2015

    i thought is was a random cholo at 1st and i would have never guess it was Leonardo DiCaprio if it wasn't in the description... drawing a face is hard i understand my advice is just keep doing what your doing you can never get worse but you can allways get better

  • Anonymous 22 Jun 2015

    scary cool :0

  • Clarvius 22 Jun 2015

    awesome ! :D

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