More artworks made by Celedea


  • snakedaemon 25 Jul 2015

    looks awesome i love the shading

  • Vipsius 28 Jul 2015

    Well done! Looks beautiful. But maybe the face should have more contrast in it, because now all the attention is drawn to the hair.

  • Nathan 16 Jun 2015

    Awesome, the shading is excellent, very well done!!!

  • Anonymous 16 Jun 2015

    amazing shading on the girl's hair and the flower was colored so well that it almost looks real.

  • Drachul 16 Jun 2015

    Wow, love it. What did you use to draw the girl? Maybe change the hair at the top a little bit, it seems a bit too bright. Can't think of anything else, very well done. :)

  • Senpouki 15 Jun 2015

    It's amazing how you success a draw with just one color!

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