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Naruto and Sasuke

Type: painting Uploaded: 2015-06-11


This one took me quite a while with all the mistakes and redoing I had to do. My largest artwork this year and my longest duration on any artwork. I could have done it in quicker, but I had to do a lot of color mixing and creating my own colors. The layering of each shade also took a toll on my hours, because I had to go over the layers with other colors. Not a big fan of Naruto, but there is no denying its popularity, thus I have been receiving quite the attention at school. I am quite content with the outcome and look forward to attempting another try at painting anime. Medium: Acrylic Paint Duration: 32 hours

Challenge: Sprisenberg VS PsychoZH


  • hubert perron 2 Nov 2016

    great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sprisenberg 29 Nov 2016


  • Trigemini 14 Jan 2016

    Keep it up

  • BlueSpiritWolf6 5 Jan 2017

    Nice :)

    Sprisenberg 13 Mar 2017

    Thank you :)

  • xpector 26 Jul 2015

    Allmost perfect... Job well done!

  • Sprisenberg 27 Jul 2015

    Thank you very much!

  • Wingedog 6 Jan 2016

    THis is so cool! Very smoooth work!

  • Rose Niji 2 Jul 2015

    Sasuke's face and left eye look weird

  • Shadow_Kokufu14 14 Jun 2015

    Amazing! It looks nearly perfect :)

  • Anonymous 11 Jun 2015

    Naruto's hair could've been bigger? Don't know much about naruto style so Im not much help haha

  • Anonymous 11 Jun 2015

    Wow!!! Good job!

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