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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-06-10


My first submission here! °o° An experimental pencil drawing of my fursona called Luscinia. I'm trying to find my own .. yeah, let's call it 'tattoo style' <:


  • Nozomi 11 Jul 2015

    i love this drawing

  • PsychoZH 11 Jun 2015

    So beautiful!!

  • lululu174 10 Jun 2015

    no problem <3 x3

  • Etskuni 10 Jun 2015

    Beautiful sona Luna ^^ this would look great as a tattoo :D

  • Luscinia 10 Jun 2015

    Thank you! Go for pierced animal characters... :'D

  • Sprisenberg 10 Jun 2015

    I love the almost symmetrical nature of this work. The gradation and shading on the fur is superb, almost resembles feathers! I also like how the eye adds so much contrast by being the center of attention and being so bright. Awesome job!

  • Anonymous 10 Jun 2015


  • ArcadiumStudio 10 Jun 2015

    Wonderful use of the medium. The eyes really draw you in in the image

  • lululu174 10 Jun 2015

    O///O ITS AMAZING!!!! ... i love how the fur turns into feathers and then into what seems to be a drop <3 x3

  • Moca 10 Jun 2015

    Waaa, very awesome. I love the subtle tones and the earrings are cool!

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