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  • Drachul 16 Jun 2015

    I love teachers with a knack for creativity and who are willing to use this in their job. Guess I also say that because I will soon be a teacher as well and I do intend to do that as well. ;) Also, I used to be a baker and creating sweets like this is something I liked to do as well. Although, I never worked with candy like this, your pupils must love you. :)

  • DreamNightStars12 10 Jun 2015

    The roses look so sweet and pretty. Love them. <3

  • Dragon flame 10 Jun 2015

    Are you gonna share that?

  • Ramur 10 Jun 2015

    lovely ambiance. Though maybe it would be more interesting pictured from ground level or from top.

  • Silviaaaaa 10 Jun 2015

    Amaaaazing !!

  • NatichiBlackWolf 10 Jun 2015

    very nice :)

  • heart-never-sleeps 10 Jun 2015


  • KateFrankienaBeck 10 Jun 2015

    interesting idea:)

  • Drachul 10 Jun 2015

    Well, now you've made me hungry. Still, I can't figure out if this is a photograph or a drawing. If it is a drawing...well, nothing I do then except bow down to it. If it is a photograph then I must compliment you on your handiwork, very nice.

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