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Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-06-09


This one is a draw for my little Sister.. 2B Draw Pencil


  • CptShaw 9 Jun 2015

    I like it! :) Some people think you have to have tons darks and contrast...but I like the simplicity of it. Clean light lines.

  • Anonymous 9 Jun 2015

    great work!

  • Ixil Comics 9 Jun 2015

    Very good use of line and minimal shading.

  • Clarvius 9 Jun 2015

    its cool ! but you may need different pencil to get it more realistic, i would like to suggest you to use 4B-8B pencils, it will be great for the hair and the eye areas, also 4H-HB for face shading :)

  • Anonymous 9 Jun 2015

    k ok

  • Anonymous 9 Jun 2015

    I already entered a comment

  • Anonymous 9 Jun 2015

    I think it is a lovely can really see the artists attempt and time to make it more realistic. I love her smile!

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