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Starry girl

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-06-07


made with pen n_n

Challenge: ScotLynnn VS eternal rainbow


  • PsychoZH 30 Aug 2015

    Amazing detail!

  • tekslus 18 Aug 2015

    Very cute! Lovely work ~

  • maubro 30 Jul 2015

    Great drawing. Full of details and good work on lines of different thickness.

  • Carbon2Tree 1 Jul 2015

    Amazing detail and use of texture! Her clothes blend into the background due to the similar gradient (both being a grey tone). Some thicker lines around her will help her really "pop" and not blend in with the background. Wonderful work. : )

  • Rifaza 10 Jun 2015

    no prob!!

  • Rifaza 8 Jun 2015


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