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When antichrists have fun

Type: painting Uploaded: 2015-06-06


Acrylic on canvas. 180 x 140 cm. Gerardo Gómez


  • Jan Spicka 24 Jan 2016

    great poster work

  • REDtr 13 Sep 2015

    love the colors

  • Anonymous 31 Mar 2017

    Rly interesting!. I mean I very appreciate it!. ;P

  • Anonymous 8 Jan 2017

    Very nice! I like the commentary. c:

  • Anonymous 2 Jan 2017

    I am sorry, I really don't like the colours, but keep going, your style is really good and you might improve very fast :)

  • savictez 7 Jun 2015

    Man this is really cool, love the colors.

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