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Kurt Cobain Charcoal Portrait

Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-06-06


Kurt Cobain on white paper black charcoal i've done for a silent auction

Challenge: Oscarlira VS AshleyMenard122


  • Hill's Beverly Creative 23 Jan 2017

    A cool Cobain portrait. Done in a landscape format, but looks natural because of the guitar neck and the arm going back to the elbow. Really looks like he is taking a drag on the cigarette. I like that you gave the background tone. This way the image relates better to the page, than if it was left as blank white paper. Keep it up !

  • Eternal Art 9 Jul 2015

    this is amazing

  • UnfadingDreams 27 Aug 2015

    One of my favourite pictures of him! Iove it!!!

  • maikeru 1 Jul 2015

    Awesome kurt!!

  • CptShaw 6 Jun 2015

    Just AWESOME!!

  • Artychik 6 Jun 2015

    Beautifully done

  • NykuT 6 Jun 2015

    nice work Ashley ;)

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