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By trevorp
Type: drawing Uploaded: 2015-06-03


Coloured Pencil Drawing

Challenge: TWINS2 VS trevorp


  • Crystal Jones 12 Oct 2015

    Nice work.

  • ScarlettWolf24 29 Jun 2015

    So far I think it looks good, however I think the fur on the cheek may be facing the wrong direction, I would use some more photographs for reference.

  • Scribblebum 3 Jun 2015

    Great start , good colours

  • Anonymous 3 Jun 2015

    Nice work

  • gamerwolf64max 3 Jun 2015


  • posie1999 3 Jun 2015

    I really like the detail in the lines around the eyes, and the fur is good too. This drawing looks unfinished though- the top of the head isn't drawn in at all... also, the eye on the right is higher up than the left, and it's shape is a bit different.

  • Anonymous 3 Jun 2015

    not bad judging by the lack of hair on the right side of the face, I think it symbolizes a kind of duality or not?

  • Anonymous 3 Jun 2015

    So many details and it's just a WIP!~ Good luck on finising it!~

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