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Armored Titan

By Rosselc
Type: digital art Uploaded: 2015-05-26


Wanted to do fan art of ''Attack on Titan'' and decided to do one of the armored titan since he's my favorite titan. The first sketch I did of him was not bad but didn't add anything special to the piece so I decided to draw him in action, and i'm more than satisfied with this. YouTube video:


  • snakedaemon 16 Aug 2015

    Love this series, live action films are in cinemas september/october, cant wait, love the drawing

  • Anonymous 13 Nov 2015

    Awesome! great detail

  • silentwolf9876 26 May 2015

    great detailing, it almost appears that he's about to run out of the screen

  • Anonymous 26 May 2015

    Very detailed, has a lot of movement

  • Yammybonbon 26 May 2015

    Good job capturing the motion, I like the detail put in. Overall good job!

  • Rickyvt31 26 May 2015

    great work awesome tones in the colour

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